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Research-action for Territorial Sustainability



Benoit MOUGENOT – Researching  ECONOMIE de FONCTIONNALITE ("Economy of Functionality") - Economic Models in Territories -


He uses an approach on technological and economic models.


Study case: territory of South Yvelines. Characteristic of the territory: 80% of its surface is covered by forest. 


Nabil TOULI - Researcher on RESILIENCE des VILLES COTIERES ("Resilience of Coastal Cities") presented a case study: estuary of Gironde. Characteristic of the territory: comprises a nuclear station.


Yoan VERGER - he is writing a thesis on TRANSITION ECONOMIQUE et BIO-RAFFINERIES ("Economical Transition & bio-refineries"). His thesis assumes that we are currently on the "Peak Oil" period and it's time to look for a bio-economy. His principle is to create a stationary economy, using circulating and renewable flow. This flow is based on an economic and industrial ecology.


Case study: Bio-Refineries. They use biomass, bio-fuel and bio-energy. The biomass uses agricultural waste and domestic waste.

Example of bio-refinery: Methanisator.

Thesis financed by KIC Climate.


Idrisa KANE – writing a thesis on RESILIENCE des VILLES COTIERES ("Resilience of Coastal Cities")

European Project THESEUS

This project brings together the systemic approach and the deterministic approach.


Borislav ANTONOV –  doing a thesis on Decarbonised Vehicles.

He develops a tool helping for Mobility Solution VéDéCom.

His project is to create an Institute for Decarbonised Vehicles. The main solutions are electric cars and car-sharing that represent only one prcent of the current mobility. His thesis proposes new transport services.

Study case: Plateau de Saclay.


As a final note, these thesis subjects are difficult to explain to people who are not already involved in these areas and it is important that the language used remains simple and comprehensible to an external public.

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