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Renovation of a Private Campus: BOUYGUES CHALLENGER



Wednesday October 17th, 2012. Visit the Renovation of a Private Campus: BOUYGUES CHALLENGER. 


Reporting team: Habib Liamidi and François Apicella.



Key aspects of the CHALLENGER Renovation:


1) 24,000 m² of the old façade of the building will be replaced by a double-skin façade, achieving very high thermal performance

2) Heating and air-conditioning of the building will be completely provided by the geothermal system installed underneath the garden

3) Part of the electricity of the building is obtained from 21,000m² of solar panels installed on the roof and in the garden

4) Grey water and rain water are treated by filter gardens, and are re-used on site, achieving 40% water saving.

5) Construction of an additional building called "cockpit" which is the control centre of the building, and also the control center of many others buildings in France operated by the BOUYGUES Group.


These improvements will result in:

  • an energy saving from 310 to 31 kWh/m²/year ! 10 times lower
  • and thus CO2 emissions reduction from 22 to 2.2 kg/m²/year.


Note of one of the Reporters: A previous visit was made some days before the Workshop, during “La Semaine des metiers” organised by La Cité des Métiers of St-Quentin-en-Yvelines. 

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