It provides information on teaching programmes provided by the faculty of environmental sciences (OVSQ) and its associated teaching organisations around the world. The programmes include courses that are part of undergraduate programmes provided by partner organisations which include courses provided by the UVSQ/OVSQ, as well as the Masters programmes which are the heart of Sciences of the Environment, Territory and the Economy.

The purpose of the Teaching Programmes at the OVSQ, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, is to prepare new generations to meet the challenges of understanding, decision and action for sustainable development. Students are invited to address in an integrated way the relationships between the economy, climate, the physical environment and natural resource use, including questions of long time horizons, social justice and political process in the context of deep uncertainty, irreversibility and system complexity.

The Teaching Programme at OVSQ builds on a set of disciplinary foundations that guarantee the quality of training and entry points to professions, responding to the need for new combinations of skills, in research and in professional practice.

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Welcome to the Forest of Broceliande. This online interactive library of teaching materials offers visitors the opportunity to acquire knowledge and thoughts which may be used for great deeds in sustainability studies and ecological economics. Once you enter this innovative forest you will discover a structured yet highly flexible environment that allows you to choose how you want to explore it, how you want to learn. Connect with us and you’ll come away with helpful and thought-provoking ideas.

The Forest is founded on a number of study modules. Material within each module has a theme in common. The material in each module  is divided up into areas which allow access to independent pieces of knowledge called grains.

Materials may be studied in a free fashion, such as browsing through a physical library until something captures your attention, or perhaps the visitor has a particular issue or specialised area of knowledge they want to pursue. In that case they may prefer to study the material provided in a purposeful order. This is possible because our contributors offer the option of a specific learning purpose, just like having your own personal tutor on hand.

Over time the Forest continues to acquire additional study resources from many sources around the world. The site itself is available in either French or English versions but the material on the site is offered in its original language.

  • The Forest offers modules/themes of study
  • Each module has a number of topic areas
  • Each area contains grains of knowledge
  • Some grains are linked to others

You can navigate between Grains and Areas within a Module as well as between Modules. The system is flexible to allow you to explore in the ways that suit you best and allows for layers of complexity in studying the ideas and issues presented here.

The Forest materials have been contributed by many knowledgeable scientists and teachers. We welcome further contributions of study materials for our global audience.

This site has its structure in English and French.

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