TOUTATIS (the Social Dimension).  Considering ePLANETe as a “Knowledge Gateway” available through the Internet, a natural entry path is towards the different User Communities (whose members may, of course, sometimes overlap), relative to the different opportunities for action and, the spectrum of knowledge/learning resources offered to the users.  The ePLANETE's Communities are organized and presented via Profiles in three cross-linked galleries, using complementary logics of identity: Persons; Partners (institutions, or operational units within an institution); and the User Communities themselves.            
The nickname for this collection of galleries is TOUTATIS, the Breton god who is the protector of the people.  This doorway also gives access to the ePLANETe's SHOWROOM, which gives access to the gallery of Collaborative Activities and to the gallery of Current Events (referred to as the NewsReel). The profiles of collaborative activities and current events are cross-linked to the relevant people, partners and (thus) to the User Communities involved.