Getting Around ePLANETe

ePLANETe is a multi-faceted approach to sustainability. It is built as a "Knowledge Gateway".

The whole architecture provide information organised through a multi-layer approach like this:

  • Top level: Doorways
    • Second level: Spaces
      • Third level: Galleries

You can use six different manners to navigate inside ePLANETe:

  • Regular mode: Use the hierarchical menu.
  • Diving mode: Use the ePLANETe diagram. Experience a top-down exploration through the Doorways (look also at the naviguation menu than can deliver quicker access on the leftside column).
  • Horizontal mode: Use the Crosslinks. Each object (you can call it also meta-profile) may have one-to-many relation to other objects in ePLANETe. We call these relation"Crosslinks". It is more like a "Rhizome" or bottom-up navigation.
  • Community mode. You may be a member of a specific or several Community(ies), to which some Projects might belong. Most of the time a Community has its own Portal. Inside you will get informations coming from the Galleries organized and oriented to the Project meaning and outcomes. A Portal is targeted to offer a public visit. But the Single Sign On mecanism (SSO) enables a seemless access to all resources available in ePLANETe, including Portals.
  • Library mode. There is a big collection of documents stored in a repository called the "Babel Gardens". It notably provides powerfull plain text search engine.
  • Search mode. Use the top right corner search box to retrieve any information available through this ePLANETe Portal.