Welcome to the Babel²Gardens

The Babel²Gardens is the ePLANETe Document Management space. We use Alfresco Community (Open Source version of Alfresco) software.

It is organised as a file repository. But you have some other interesting features like:

- Repositories. Organised by project. Each Community member has specific rights in one or many zones (folders) inside the main Repository. Here the Documents may be mobilised as "Fruits". There are stabilised documents that can be attached to any Object of ePLANETe (located in the Galleries or the Portals).

- Search. It provides a wide full text search engine that look into Repository and Site (read below for Site feature).

- Workflow. You can create a validation circuit for example. Your coordinator may check a document before moving your doc to a final place.

- Site management. Each user has its own repository and a mini website environment to organise its space. Some preset layout exist where some usefull widgets can be added. If you are member of a project Community you follow other members and get follower in return. Usefull to get an accurate view of the group activity.


Please use the Babel²Gardens Document Management system below to store Fruits reference, notice, or webref. Then you will be able to use its permalink or download address as a Fruit, associated to any Object in ePLANETe.

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